Great results come from great plans.

We have the experience to know that successful construction projects require careful planning. Our pre-construction process is designed specifically to ensure that every detail of your project has been thought through and prepared for. 

The core services offered as part of our pre-construction process are outlined below.



Our experienced professionals and extensive relationships with various subcontractors ensures that we will get you a fair price for each trade.

Subcontractor Selection

After reviewing all subcontractor estimates, we will select the subcontractor based on price as well as past performance.

Schedule Management

As the project progresses, SRKO will continue to monitor our schedule developed in the pre-construction phase to ensure on-time completion.


Site Supervision

Subcontractors' performance is supervised on-site to guarantee that quality guidelines, safety regulations, and local laws are followed.

Subcontractor Coordination

Before and during construction, we will work with our team to plan site logistics and coordinate subcontracted work with other trades.

Materials & Equipment Procurement

From dumpsters, to carpet, to countertops - SRKO and our subcontractors will manage placing orders, product delivery, and installment.


Change Management

Maybe you no longer love the doors or flooring you picked. We will quickly provide you an estimate for your new choice for your approval.

Cost & Quality Control

From estimate and invoice review, labor productivity, to quality standards - SRKO will evaluate the project to track cost and quality.

Insurance Administration

We require that all of our subcontractors carry insurance and that they provide us with that information so that everyone is protected.


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