Great results come from great plans.

We have the experience to know that successful construction projects require careful planning. Our pre-construction process is designed specifically to ensure that every detail of your project has been thought through and prepared for. 

The core services offered as part of our pre-construction process are outlined below.


Site Assessments

Evaluate the condition of the existing location to determine its affect on the project from plan designs to cost estimations.

Conceptual Budgeting

Before plans are finalized, we develop a budgetary bid so that you are better informed about the investment you are going to make.

Cost Estimation

Once you have perfected the set of drawings for your new space, SRKO will give you an exact bid for what the total of the project will be.



To ensure all involved are of like mind, we will draft a scope of work detailing what is included and excluded in our estimate.

City Permit Coordination

Getting the correct permits can be confusing and a hassle. Instead of simply assisting you, SRKO will take care of this process in its entirety.

Schedule Development

Development of a preliminary schedule is based on critical dates, inspections, and the information we receive from each trade.


Value Engineering

Certain design elements can be costly. So if the budget comes in high we will work to find a dupe that matches in effect, but is lower in cost for you.

Plan & Contract Review

Prior to the start of any work, SRKO will provide you with a contract that coincides with the plan and budget for you to review so that your investment is protected.

Risk Assessment

Commercial projects always carry some risk, but rest assured that SRKO will use due diligence to forecast obstacles and develop solutions before problems arise.


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